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A wedding is a memorable event, not just for the bride and groom who exchange their vows before all, but also for all those in attendance. Having a well documented wedding can be a powerful reminder through the years of the promises made to each other, and the joy that was shared by all on that special day. Capturing an event such as a wedding can be a demanding one, the job requires the person behind the camera to be knowledgeable and flexible enough to catch those key moments as they happen, thus a wedding photographer need to be an experienced event photographer who has an eye for what needs to be recorded, and how to capture it best in the moment. In addition, they also need to have the eye of a portrait photographer, who can manage a photo-shoot that will yield the results of a professional photograph.

Paone Photography is run by Justin and Nadia Paone,  a married couple in the Houston Texas area who have made photography their business. We would truly be honored to serve you with our talent and expertise on such a paramount occasion.

Call us, or text us today at (832)971-4649 to find out more about our special wedding discount.

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