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Have you ever stumbled upon an old portrait of your child, your parents or of a loved one  that has been locked away and forgotten in a storage for years? If you haven't had this experience, it's one of those unexpected moments that can bring joy. This is when the value of a portrait is better understood. Yes, it's not always easy getting portraits taken, especially when you're trying to get young kids excited about it or maybe even a spouse? Fast forward years down the line and those same people will probably be glad you dragged them to the photo shoot. A portrait is an investment in your family that increases in value as time moves forward. 

A portrait does not always need to be taken in a studio setting. Some of the best portraits are taken outdoors. If you have the right natural light, it can make a photo look amazing and the same can go for an outdoor setting. The greater Houston area has many places that are great for outdoor portraits. Another important point about portraits is that they should capture where you are in life. Maternity portraits are a great example of an important point in an expecting mother's life. A portrait of a new born will be cherished for life. Portraits of loved ones and pets can be important for the whole family. These are just a few examples, but the list can go on and on.

Paone photography is run by Justin and Nadia Paone, a husband and wife team of photographers. If you would like to book a portrait session, you can call us or text us at (832)971-4649. You can also email us at 


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