Hello, and welcome to Paone Photography!

You're probably wondering who we are, and how to pronounce the word Paone?

Well, it's probably best to start with the correct pronunciation of Paone. That way, when you're reading about who we are, you'll have the correct pronunciation.  Its really simple, just think of a business transaction, you pay first and then you own, so PayOwn, or Paone. 

Now, for who we are: we are Justin and Nadia Paone, a married couple that lives in Houston Texas. Actually, we are more than just a couple. We have been blessed with three wonderful (and sometimes challenging) children. Since we're mentioning our kids, we might as well go ahead and mention the dog and cat, as they also make up part of our family.  

Our photography quest started with Nadia. Nadia's passion for photography, over time, sparked an interest for photography in Justin. What started off purely as a hobby, eventually grew into Paone Photography. 

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